Devin Howard


For the source code or icons to any of these apps, contact the email provided in the Android Market.

Here are three of the apps I've made since starting to develop in early 2011.

EasyGoTexter - Waterloo's bus system, Grand River Transit, has a system called EasyGo that lets you text a bus stop's number to 57555 and have it reply to you with the next three bus times. I used to keep a long list of numbers so I could text EasyGo without actually being at the stop. This app does that for me; it maintains a database of EasyGo numbers. Not only that, you can click the numbers in the list to have the text sent for you, which saves me about 10 seconds per text.

Encounter - This unfinished project is an attempt to provide decentralized, uncontrolled social networking. Done with a partner, the idea users can identify themselves by just their interests, nothing else. Then they can browse a list of other users' interests, sorted by proximity. If they see someone they want to meet, they click that entry and send a message. Users can also reply to received messages, meaning two people can use this application to connect with people located physically nearby.

Eliza - An interactive psychologist that will, using time-honoured principles of Freudian psychology, diagnose your psychiatric problems and help you work through any repressed issues you have.

App Source Code
EasyGo Texter QR Code Github
Encounter1.1.apk Encounter1.1.tar.bz2
Eliza1.1.apk Eliza1.1.tar.bz2